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Re: Let's Play!

Postby VanEinstein » 12:39 am, Mon Nov 05, 2018

I agree. I took a walk down memory lane recently, and in a fit of nostalgia found this community. Unfortunately it seems to be rather small, and as a result matches don't seem to take place often. It's a shame, because I missed this game so much.

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Re: Let's Play!

Postby Stormchaser » 8:24 am, Mon Nov 05, 2018

Yeah I logged in several times yesterday but there was no one else on.

So I started looking for anything similar to play. Turns out this genre is completely untapped. There's nothing. Just a million lame mmo's. If I was a game dev I would jump at the chance to own the genre.

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Re: Let's Play!

Postby Fleet2 » 1:38 pm, Sat Jul 06, 2019

I'm up for weekend games if anyone wants to play

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