Has anyone seen Magestorm Reborn?

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Has anyone seen Magestorm Reborn?

Postby CwStrife » 5:53 pm, Sat Mar 03, 2018

Hey Guys,

Avid player from AOL days, and played Magestorm Revival when Sorien brought it back. Was great to play again when there were like 20-30 people bouncing around for a bit.

In any case, I came across this:


Something called Magestorm Reborn. I had downloaded it a while back but seems the website is no longer active and I no longer have the file. It was more like Spellbinder, but still was at least a modern day presentation of a genre that no longer seems to exist. Strange this is a niche market that nobody has bothered to try and fill I find odd. A microtransaction would work great for a game like this in todays world, and it would be loads of fun and grinding.

Anyways, anyone hear about this, or are there any plans to make something like this in the future from anywhere? I miss Magestorm is was my favorite game of all time honestly.

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Re: Has anyone seen Magestorm Reborn?

Postby Atla » 7:16 pm, Sun Apr 22, 2018

Destiny 2 PvP is sort of fun, if you can get over the crappy P2P connections and occasional hacks.

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Re: Has anyone seen Magestorm Reborn?

Postby NooN » 1:03 pm, Wed Sep 25, 2019

Could we start a thread as to when people will be playing Magestorm? We don't need a million people, but it'd be nice to know when people would be on so we could get a game going.



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