Where art thou Sorien?

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Where art thou Sorien?

Postby Shadle01 » 9:52 pm, Mon Jul 16, 2018

Sorien my profound love and keys to life. Whats new? Whats in the works? I hope something is because its about time
my man. Not to suckle your sack, because I can suckle a sack with the best of them. We need something fresh my man we are starving out here I havent played a video game
since Magestorm died. Magestorm is the only game I will play so I think the only thing to do at this point is for Sorien to make the next Magestorm because all these chumps ( o offense but your “next magestorm” have sucked big ole dusty bigger bites...and Sorien knows mage better than anyone. Anyways I hope all is well my man, I hope you have been working on something and appreciate all the fun you gave to us for those years after the game went away.


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