Death Knell

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Death Knell Reduced Damage, DOT: HP; Fatigue; Ley

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Death Knell

Postby Silly » 10:07 pm, Fri Mar 10, 2017


Perhaps we could reduce the damage settings for DK. This is to balance a DOT implement to fatigue and ley upon hitting the opponent.

Provided an arc does not have full mana, the ley increases having stepping into a pool. Perhaps DK would drain (curse) its opponents/victims by taking some Fatigue and Ley (along with reduced DOT HP, again from its original settings).

Perhaps to heal a curse, one steps into their shrine.

Is this possible?

Posts: 69
Joined: 10:59 pm, Sat Feb 04, 2017

Re: Death Knell

Postby Silly » 1:10 am, Sat Mar 11, 2017


I'm getting vball spam and I cant really b3 and airwall the 26 arc to death. I need "Curse III" what I'd like to formally be Bleeding III. If you want leave DK untouched, but give Clerics Curse I, II and III. Have it reduce Ley, Fatigue and HP over a fixed time rate. Please recall that Curse III will reduce the aforementioned attributes as quick as arcs receive ley in a pool.

Arcs are heaven. They need a curse..The cures of the Bam Bambino.

What if airwall becomes painful at level 30, or have it come with a pick at 7 for barriers path. It increases in pain every 5 levels, like walls are awarded. Its pain exceeds that of Bleeding 3.

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