Amendments to Tavern

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Amendments to Tavern

Postby Ftumch » 3:24 am, Fri Mar 17, 2017

If you look at the tavern screen theres alot of wasted space which could be utilised better..

Is it possible to perhaps introduce 2 ideas i have

1) make the MATCH section display a little narrower so the name/player section could be wider and therefore mean that if possible
there could be a "Player Active column" or something like that, that showers various status' of a player in tavern set by the player themselves...

ie "AFK - " with a game time added from the game itself so people in Tav can see that players is "AFK-30" player has been inactive for 30 mins so
we know when we go in tavern that player may not be active to play for some time so we are not just left say there waiting for a reply

OK you could say that if they dont reply after 2-3 mins anyway they are AFK for a long time... I just thought if the player could set their status it may be useful addition.

2) as there arnt many players... why not use the bottom section of the name/player section as a scrollable help section. ie all the help commands are there, possibly instroduce more commands...

Just a thought

Ftumch (Hawkster)

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Re: Amendments to Tavern

Postby Sorien » 8:26 am, Fri Mar 17, 2017

Editing the UI, except for textures, is extremely difficult since I don't have the client source, so it's not really viable.

The most I can do are small changes like adding additional list elements and things like that but doing major changes wont happen.

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Re: Amendments to Tavern

Postby Ftumch » 8:53 am, Fri Mar 17, 2017

Fair enough.... my understanding of programming is quite limited these days so wasnt sure what could / couldnt be done

Thanks for reply tho Sor


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Re: Amendments to Tavern

Postby Silly » 1:16 pm, Fri Mar 17, 2017


The Tavern in Spellbinder was designed to show Guilds too (along with other things if you have the Spellbinder graphic images). My suggestion is to add a tab for guilds. The way that it worked, and still does is, for example, SoLD (Soldiers of Light and Darkness)

Speeedy=SoLD (Guild Leader)
Summerland-SoLD (Second in command)
Someone_SoLD (Generic member of the guild)
Someone2_SoLD (Generic member of the guild)

To implement a new tab for guilds is preferable, once/if/as the community player base increases. We can display the captain(s), second in command, and all members of the guilds in this proposed new Tavern guild tab.

NOTE: I was not a member of SoLD in any way shape or form (as much as I wanted :))

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