Change in Cathedral Revival

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Adding a New Valhalla in Cathedral Revival changing FFA values to match Barracks.

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Change in Cathedral Revival

Postby Kross » 12:56 pm, Wed Apr 05, 2017

Ok so I am seeing a lot of Barracks being played especially in FFA, so I was wondering if you guys wanted to change cathedral revival to the same values as Barracks when it comes to FFA. This will not change or harm team based matches only FFA. It would require adding a new valhalla with the same tiles like barracks. Currently Barracks is only 18 tiles from spawn to portal, while Valhalla is a whopping 29 tiles from spawn to portal. Again this will only affect FFA nothing else. Adding a new Valhalla will allow me to open up all spawn locations that the current Valhalla has with 15 spawn location vs the current 5 in FFA, it will also let you choose which path like in Barracks. I am asking the community for this because this map is based on community input, as for cats2t this is some thing of my own creation and I will be adding a Valhalla without doing a poll. If you have any other ideas on maps not created by me (halls, keep, etc) that requires a community agreement and Soriens blessing. I do want to put dust back in the mix....
Pics are from the new Vahalla if we all can agree.
scrnsht.png (206.81 KiB) Viewed 1682 times
scrnsht2.png (206.54 KiB) Viewed 1682 times

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