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Can we please consider addressing UV

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Postby Fizban » 11:45 pm, Thu Apr 06, 2017

Currently the damage equation is 1d60 +0, potentially doing 3 damage.

Im asking the damage aspect to be adjusted so it can fall inline somewhat with gamestorm days.
Even if you go to 5d10+10, you still will at least get 15damage... Right now the numbers are so low its discouraging people from using it as much as how widely used it was before. People would rather use void ball, in the past people could deal with sacrificing armors because UV was so viable.


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Re: Uttervoid=

Postby Law » 4:45 am, Fri Apr 07, 2017

I think Void is a great element in the game, but it's definitely one that causes grief. I'd like to see it adjusted to where it's still good but not OP.

For starters I'd like to see Void Spike 1 and 2 be given a Min_fatigue of 50. There is indeed something slightly exploitative about Void Spike 2's spam-ability at 30. If you catch someone with no mana you can pretty much keep them there if you're a good shot, and that isn't fun.

Also, UV sucks. If you get UV you are sacrificing either Expulse 2 or Armors, so it really needs to be worth it. Since Manaball 2 was lowered to 21, it took UV's niche as "the spell you combo with MS". UV needs to have a new niche, beyond just being another Void spell.

I think the perfect tweak for UV would be to make the splash forgiveness larger and increase the splash radius. Such as, targets within 96 radius of the center receive the full drain, and after that up to 160 receive the current formula for splash. To compensate for this we should lower the damage to something negligible, from 1 - 60 to 1 - 10.

This would repurpose UV from being "just another Void spell", to a very niche, very clutch spell that you break out when you want to void an entire team.

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